Mixing Kit


A completely unique product in the world of miniature painting!

Go beyond your mixing palette and bottle up your favourite mixes using our unique system, create a paint set that’s entirely unique to you from complete schemes to unique mixes that complement your existing range.

This kit contains everything you need from the 13 core mixing colours to storage containers to get you started on your journey.

Not sure on what colours to make or how to do it? Our mixing guides (opens in new window) can help you there with easy to follow recipes and conversion calculation, never before has a painter had so much freedom in their hands.

Eco Friendly design and reduced plastic waste by allowing you to refill and reuse the dropper bottles when they become empty.


12 x 50ml Pure Colours (except White)

1 x 150ml Pure White

12 x 50ml Containers

1 x 150ml Container

13 x General Purpose Syringes

13 x Advanced Syringes

26 x Plastic dispensing tips

5 x 20ml Bottles, Plugs and Caps

5 x 10ml Bottles, Plugs and Caps

5 x 5ml Bottles, Plugs and Caps

15 x Agitators


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