Here at INSTAR we take great pride in providing the miniature community with high quality products

Being painters and players ourselves, our mission has always been to make painting easy and fun with the minimum of fuss. This was the sole driving force behind our next generation paint Alpha.

Not only is the Alpha line an extraordinary paint, it also reduces the number of paints you actually need to own. With just the simple addition of our Water+ from the Provectus line (or other thinner), you can turn them from highly opaque paints to a semi transparent layer paint, a Contrast style paint, glaze, or wash to really make your miniatures pop!

It also a paint that great for beginners to the hobby as it can be used straight from the bottle with no further thinning required, you can get great looking, tabletop ready models in no time at all thanks to it's fast drying time, ultimate control and highly opaque colours allowing for high levels of covering power.

But it's not just our Alpha range that's making waves in the community, Our advanced Provectus line was also designed with the miniature painter in mind to help improve their painting starting with the revolutionary Water+. This secret formulation enhances paint like no other product on the market.

Containing no alcohol, polyurethane or acrylic, Water+ unlocks and improves the inherent properties of any paint range by utilising a cross-linking effect to provide ultra-smooth, paper thin layers without compromising on quality. It's one of the hardest products in the world to explain without descending into the science of it all, it really is a product that speaks for itself being used exclusively by high profile painters and being featured heavily by Asset Drop and Model Box

Matte+ and Gloss+ are the latest additions to the Provectus line. Matte+ is an additive and not a medium in the traditional sense as it contains no acrylic base in its formula.

This means you only need to add a tiny amount to any paint range (Yes, any...) and it will instantly reduce the sheen level by a substantial amount, by adding it to the Alpha Pure range, you can increase its opacity and adding it to the rest of the Alpha range turns them into highly effective drybrush paints by thickening them up.

Gloss+ works in reverse by increasing the sheen and thinning the paint, but is a pure Acrylic, not a medium

Our Spectrum range a unique product in the colourshifting market, instead of providing pre-mixed, fixed colours, our colours are designed to be added to metallics to tint them to wards another colour or to be glazed over the top of a metallic paint or normal paint layer to provide a faux colourshift effect. With five colours to choose from, there is a whole world of possibilities as these can be used with any other paint range.

The metallic line is the forerunner to the Alpha lineand follows a very similar recipe, using the finest pigments we have gone beyond the traditional metallic colours and provide other unique ones to really enhance your miniatures as well as provide a level of shine to give your models some sharp contrasts, you can also use our Matte+ to take the shine level down while retaining the pigment rich colour.

(Polished Steel is from the original recipe lineup and will be converted to the new recipe in due course)

The Vintage line is unique in the community as it doesn't just focus on one particular period, but a wide variety of editions and changes. Originally starting with one colour at th request of a customer, it has since grown to include 38 colours and there are plans to increase this even more and from other ranges.

If there's a colour you can't get hold of, there's a good chance it will be in our range and if it isn't, it soon will be!

And last but not least, the line that began it all, our Paint line.

Designed to be thinner than standard paints while providing the same coverage, the paint line quickly became a firm favourite amongst many painters in the community. With it's mix of 98% accuracy to other manufacturers colours, Budget friendly, ease of thinning and our renowned dropper bottles it's easy to see why it gained popularity very quickly!