INSTAR Water+ is a unique creation and only available through INSTAR. Once you use it, all other thinners become useless!

Unlike typical mediums such as distilled water or acrylic bases for thinning paints, Water+ acts differently by creating a finer particle dispersion and cross-linking the solution, meaning it evenly distributes the paint compared to typical water based mediums which creates larger particles clumps leading to blotchy layers and leaving unsightly tide marks.

Perfect with Citadel Contrast paints when used for large areas

This allows for much smoother, thinner and even coats per brush stroke since the paint solution leaves the brush in an even manner in comparison to other mediums which retain most of the pigment in the brush head until the end of the brush stroke where the pigment concentration will be higher. Also Water+ had no added acrylic meaning the paint retains all the properties it had once dried instead of being bulked out by unnecessary fillers.

Excellent for just general painting and creating glazes with traditional paint but with our Alpha line, use it to create contrast style paints, glazes and washes with no loss in quality.

Here’s what Pascal Rooze of The Simian Collective, part of a group of highly skilled miniature artists, had to say about the product

“I am a painter who prefers to use as little additives in my paints as possible. With Water+, I noticed the paint flowing smoother, without losing pigment, as it does with ordinary water. My brushes could hold more paint than usual, allowing me to paint longer without refill even in 000 brushes, essential when doing fine details with tiny brushes.

Water+ really helps to keep the brush tip sharp, helping me draw even thinner, sharper, tidier lines. Water+ works with all of the brands of paint I use, its properties most apparent when blending paints for an easier and smoother consistency.
I almost feel like it’s cheating!
Since using Water+, I find myself constantly putting a drop on my palette – my water cup relegated to cleaning brushes only.” 
Pascal Rooze – The Simian Collective (twitch.tv/monkeyswithfire) | Instagram
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Using Water+ is no different from the way you use other mediums, just mix into paint to the consistency you require and Water+ will do the rest, It can also be used with wet palettes too (performance will be reduced slightly due to an increase in dilution)

Water+ is non-toxic, but we really don’t recommend drinking it

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