Primaries Colour Wheels

Unlike traditional colour wheels, the ones for this pack have been specifically designed to show you what colours will be made if you combine the colours in this pack including if you add White, Black or De-saturate the colours by adding the opposite colour on the wheel.
The wheels are incredibly simple to follow, you will see numbers on the outer edge of the wheel and they revolve in a clockwise direction.
The first number is the primary colour and is the number of drops required, the second number is the next Pure colour clockwise from the current colour and again is the number of drops required.
To access the colours moving inwards towards the centre of the wheel, you add the third colour which will be dependent on the wheel, for example, the de-saturated wheel would ask you to add the colour directly opposite the segment you're on.
So for example a 5,5 Pure Red and Pure Yellow addition would ask you to add Pure Warm Blue, a 6,4 addition of the same colours would ask you to add Pure Yellow.
The amount you add depends how far the colour is inside the wheel, theĀ  outer edge is 0 drops of colour while the very centre is a full 10 drops, there are 11 vertical segments in each slice

At the bottom of this page, you'll find our 2021 Linear Swatch cards that have been designed for this pack to give a better overview of what can be achieved.

Adding Pure White

Primaries White Addition_compressed

Adding Pure Black

Primaries Black Addition_compressed

Note - While the Pure Warm Blue colours look brown and visually create a brown looking colour, they are in fact a very dark purple so please be aware of this (you can see this by spreading it across the palette or adding white

Adding the Opposite colour (Desaturation)

Opposites Update 30-12-20_compressed

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