We are a small family business based in the UK, we began INSTAR Paint after a small accident with a product at work left an excellent result on plastic, given that our job was to colour match products we put our expertise to use and with the help of the miniature modelling community, we have developed a product that addresses questions posed by the community. We feel that INSTAR meets all those questions and goes beyond them.

Our INSTAR Paint is comparatively priced compared to the major players in the field and comes in different sized dropper bottles and in two different bases, Matte and Sheen, something that isn't offered by anyone else.

This means that you can order as much paint as you need to complete whatever project you're working on and paint it in the style you wish. Looking for a wet, shiny look, choose a sheen base, want something more akin to traditional model paint, choose a Matte base and the more paint you buy, the cheaper it becomes, it couldn't be simpler!

Our INSTAR Metallic line aims to provide other metallic colours as well as the normal range of silvers, bronzes, gold and coppers. We aim to include Reds, Blues, Greens and other variations to really make models pop and really make them stand out on the table.

Our INSTAR Vintage line was one that created after a number of the community asked if we were developing and matching some out of production colours that were no longer available, we took up the enquiry and thanks to the help of the community providing samples of some of these hard to find colours, we have started creating and releasing some of these colours and we are continuing to add to the line, keep an eye out and if there are any old colours you'd like to see again, drop us a message and we'll see what we can do!