Colour Conversion

Our colours are great by themselves, but if you're looking for a colour match to Citadel paints we have provided a list here, all colours are a 98-99% shade match and compatible with all major brand paint.

Just click on the link next to the name to be taken straight to the matching INSTAR product

Auric Armour Gold - Royal Gold

Averland Sunset - Warm Yellow

Bugmans Glow - Sunburnt Flesh

Caledor Sky - Sapphire Blue

Caliban Green - Military Green

Castellan Green - Jungle Green

Celestra Grey - Cool Grey

Daemonette Hide - Light Purple

Death World Forest - Savannah Green

Dryad Bark - Deep Brown

Evil Sunz Scarlet - Burnt Red

Flash Gitz Yellow - Brilliant Yellow

Incubi Darkness - Dark Green

Ironbreaker - Polished Steel

Jokareo Orange - Sunset Orange

Karak Stone - Dirt Brown

Kantor Blue - Marianas Blue

Khorne Red - Wine Red

Leadbelcher - Dull Pewter

Macragge Blue - Deep Water Blue

Mechanicus Standard Grey - Steel Grey

Mephiston Red - Crimson Red

Mournfang Brown - Red Brown

Naggaroth Night - Dark Purple

Rakarth Flesh - Pale Grey

Ratskin Flesh - Bronzed Flesh

Rhinox Hide - Chocolate Brown

Screamer Pink - Dark Maroon

Steel Legion Drab - Mud Brown

Stegadon Scale Green - Night Blue

Teclis Blue - Ocean Blue

The Fang - Grey Blue

Ushabti Bone - Dust Brown

Waaagh! Flesh - Pine Green

Warpfiend Grey - Dreadnought Grey

Warpstone Glow - Grass Green

White Scar - Arctic White

XV-88 - Sandstone Brown

Zandri Dust - Golden Brown