Colour Conversion

Our colours are great by themselves, but if you're looking for a colour match to Citadel paints we have provided a list here, all colours are a 98-99% shade match and compatible with all major brand paint.

Just click on the link next to the name to be taken straight to the matching INSTAR product

Averland Sunset - Warm Yellow

Baneblade Brown - Bark Brown

Bugmans Glow - Sunburnt Flesh

Caledor Sky - Sapphire Blue

Caliban Green - Military Green

Castellan Green - Jungle Green

Celestra Grey - Cool Grey

Changling Pink (Dry) - Havoc Pink

Dawnstone - Moon Grey

Daemonette Hide - Light Purple

Death Guard Green - Seaweed Green

Death World Forest - Savannah Green

Dryad Bark - Deep Brown

Emperor's Children - Dark Pink

Elf Flesh (Dry) - Light Tan

Evil Sunz Scarlet - Burnt Red

Fenrisian Grey - Blue Steel

Flash Gitz Yellow - Brilliant Yellow

Flayed One Flesh - Golden Sand

Incubi Darkness - Dark Green

Ironbreaker - Polished Steel

Jokareo Orange - Sunset Orange

Karak Stone - Dirt Brown

Kantor Blue - Marianas Blue

Khorne Red - Wine Red

Kislev Flesh - Caramel

Leadbelcher - Aged Silver

Macragge Blue - Deep Water Blue

Mechanicus Standard Grey - Steel Grey

Mephiston Red - Crimson Red

Moot Green - Lime Green

Mournfang Brown - Red Brown

Naggaroth Night - Dark Purple

Rakarth Flesh - Pale Grey

Ratskin Flesh - Bronzed Flesh

Rhinox Hide - Chocolate Brown

Screamer Pink - Dark Maroon

Steel Legion Drab - Mud Brown

Stegadon Scale Green - Night Blue

Teclis Blue - Ocean Blue

Temple Guard Blue - Bright Blue

The Fang - Grey Blue

Ungor Flesh - Amber

Ushabti Bone - Dust Brown

Waaagh! Flesh - Pine Green

Warpfiend Grey - Dreadnought Grey

Warpstone Glow - Grass Green

White Scar - Arctic White

Wild Rider Red - Racing Red

XV-88 - Sandstone Brown

Zamesi Desert - Mustard Yellow

Zandri Dust - Golden Brown

INSTAR Washes will be discontinued from 7th December 2019, all remaining stock will remain on sale but once it's gone, it's gone. Washes will be able to be created from the new ALPHA line, The INSTAR Team Dismiss