How does the colour mixing system work?

On our website we have a whole section of formulations to create colours, it's a constant ongoing process due to almost infinite number of colours that can be created, however we have got everything started by listing the pre mixed Alpha colours that we used to produce and a full RAL colour database as well as all the colours that can be made simply by combining certain combinations of colours.

As our bottles utilise a fine, micro dropper it results in every drop of paint being exactly the same size, this means that colour mixing becomes very predictable and much easier to do. By simply recording the number of drops it takes to create a colour, the results are repeatable even when scaled up as the resulting recipes becomes a ratio rather than a guessing game.

Pale Yellow

With the use of syringes and mixing containers and/or the complete mixing kit, it's entirely possible for these recipes to be scaled up so that you can create your own paint set in the style you want in a bottle format saving you from mixing on the palette everytime

Very handy if you're painting an army in a unique scheme where traditional colour mixing methods wouldn't work due to too much variation in mixes or complicated "bit of this, bit of that" style recipes.

For commission painters, it opens up more options too as you can liaise with your customer about the colour and style they wish to go for allowing for some truly custom armies with less hassle!


The conversion calculator for converting drops to millilitres is incredibly simple and allows you to use your own style and size of bottle if you don't wish to use our standard bottles.

Because of the way the dropper recipes are done, it means that they are easily shareable too.

Since the colours use a simple formula code rather than an arbitrary or silly fantasy name, if you create a colour and share the code or recipe online, someone, somewhere in the world, if they have the same core colours, can recreate the exact same colour, it's that easy to do!