INSTAR Paint is a small family business based in the UK providing high quality model paint for various hobbies, our unique paint formulation and bottle are designed to make it easy to paint your models either straight from the bottle or with minimal thinning. Our paints are compatible with other brands and and come in six different sizes depending on your requirements. Our Vintage line is bringing back out of production colours using our formulation and are 98-99% accurate allowing your to repair old miniatures or recreating previous paint schemes with the original colours and shades. Our Metallic line is a unique formulation only known to INSTAR that leaves a lifelike metal finish to give superb contrast on miniature models and bringing them to life

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INSTAR Washes will be discontinued from 7th December 2019, all remaining stock will remain on sale but once it's gone, it's gone. Washes will be able to be created from the new ALPHA line, The INSTAR Team Dismiss