Vintage Conversion

Here you will find a list of our INSTAR codes and the Out of Production Colour it's equal to.

Now you can restock and paint your miniatures in the old colours you know and love!

We are always adding to this list so keep an eye out for new additions

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IV-01 - Citadel Scab Red 6th-7th Editon

IV-02 - Citadel Charadon Granite (Foundation)

IV-03 - Citadel Calthan Brown (Foundation)

IV-04 - Citadel Shadow Grey 6th-7th Edition

IV-05 - Citadel Space Wolves Grey 3rd-5th Editon

IV-06 - Citadel Dheneb Stone (Foundation)

IV-07 - Mechrite Red (Foundation)

IV-08 - Fenris Grey (Foundation)

IV-09 - Necron Abyss (Foundation)

IV-10 - Orkhide Shade (Foundation)

IV-11 - Vomit Brown 6th-7th Editon

IV-12 - Vomit Brown 3rd-5th Editon

IV-13 - Goblin Green 3rd-5th  Editon

IV-14 - Vermin Brown 3rd-5th Editon

IV-15 - Dark Angels Green 3rd-5th Editon

IV-16 - Iyanden Darksun (Foundation)

IV-17 - Macharius Solar Orange (Foundation)

 IV-18 - Adeptus Battlegrey (Foundation)

IV-19 - Tallern Flesh (Foundation)

IV-20 - Khemri Brown (Foundation)

IV-21 - Tau Sept Ochre (Foundation)

IV-22 - Knarloc Green (Foundation)

IV-23 - Mordian Blue (Foundation)

IV-24 - Astronomican Grey (Foundation)

IV-25 - Gretchin Green (Foundation)

IV-26 - Hormagaunt Purple (Foundation)

IV-27 - Blood Red 3rd-5th Editon

IV-28 - Ultramarines Blue 3rd-5th Editon

IV-29 - Sunburst Yellow 3rd-5th Editon

IV-30 - Desert Yellow 3rd-5th Edition

IV-31 - Snakebite Leather 3rd-5th Editon

IV-32 - Bubonic Brown 3rd-5th Edition

IV-33 - Shadow Grey 3rd-5th Edition

IV-34 - Liche Purple 3rd-5th Edition

IV-35 - Fortress Grey 3rd -5th Edition

IV-36 - Graveyard Earth 3rd - 5th Edition

IV-37 - Scorched Brown 3rd - 5th Edition

IV-38 - Bleached Bone 3rd - 5th Edition