Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make these paints?

It's a pretty simple process, the key is making sure everything is dispersed evenly so that you get rich, smooth colours. The way we go about mixing them together is somewhat different to how it's usually done

What is Water+ and why does it work so well?

Unfortunately we can't tell you what it is as it's a company secret. To explain how it works is somewhat complicated but it involves utilising a crosslinking effect to extend your paint. This means in a nutshell that you can add it to paints to get ultra thin and ultra smooth layers without comprimising on opacity meaning less coats, you can continue adding it to make the paint more transparent.

It's one of those products where you really need to try it for yourself

How did you get started, starting a paint business isn't exactly a common occurance

Originally we weren't planning on it, we just wanted to make a cheaper paint set for ourselves since we used to go through quite a bit of paint. Turning it into a business was the next logical step...although we now have a rather expensive paint set.

Can I visit your factory?

Unfortunately we're not currently accepting visitors, but this may change in the future

How do I get featured in the Gallery

Just email over what you've painted and what paints you used and we'll get it added, alternatively you can use the hashtag #instarpaint on Twitter and Instagram and we'll get the images from there (With your permission of course!)

What's the difference between your Paint line and the Alpha line

Paint line

  • Slightly thinner than traditional paints
  • Less thinning required
  • Sold in multiple size bottles
  • Useable in an airbrush
  • Non-Toxic and Water Soluble

Alpha Line

  • As fluid as water
  • Transparent as normal "2 thin coats" paint meaning no thinning is required
  • Designed for layering to provide super smooth, opaque layers in less time
  • Strong initial surface tension allowing for ultimate control
  • 7 different types in one bottle by adjusting it with Water+ and Matte+
  • Pure range is designed to be mixed together to create over 2 billion diferent colours
  • Airbrush ready
  • Non-Toxic and Water Soluble
  • Can be frozen with no adverse effects

How do you calculate your shipping?

We've weighed out our products and this is what the shipping is based on since it's a weight based system, this allows us to get you the best price possible

I need to change my order or address after I've placed it, what can I do?

Email us as soon as you can, we usually don't dispatch your order until the next working day so if you need to make a change we can always adjust it. If You need to add to your order, we'll invoice you seperately for the remaining difference

I still haven't received my package and it has been 4 weeks

We're sorry you still haven't received your order yet. While we do everything we can to make sure your order reaches you in a timely fashion but there's usually a good explanation for it

In the UK, We don't use a tracked service (Unless you order an awful lot of paint!) so it's likely that it's in a distribution centre somewhere, most of the time the parcel will come back to us and we can repackage it and send it out again. If however you still haven't got it, email us and we'll sort something out

For the Europe and the rest of the world, again we don't use a tracked service unless it's a lot of paint so it's likely that the parcel is in customs. During peak times of the year (Christmas for example) some parcels have been delayed by almost 6 weeks. Unfortuantely there isn't much we can do. If it still hasn't arrived after 6 weeks, please email us and we'll sort something out

I'm an international customer and I've had to pay a customs charge for my parcel....

We're sorry that this has come as a bit of a surprise, depending on where you are in the world there are duties to be paid when exporting. Since we don't collect taxes or fees at checkout on behalf of your local government and the fact that we won't know what the rates are, we're unable to add them ahead of time. Ultimately you, the customer is responsible for the charges and those charges are unfortunately beyond our control.

If you need to ask more questions on the matter, we can only recommend that you speak to your local post office or government representative