INSTAR Alpha is a revolutionary new paint formulation that exists nowhere else in the world and is also the largest single pigment range in the miniature painting world.

Ultra thin straight out of the bottle with all the control of a normal thinned paint and designed to be layered to give super smooth finishes with no brush marks means that not only can your miniatures look amazing on the table, but also game ready fast!

Because they are already thin means that you no longer have to worry about manual thinning ratios, we’ve already covered that step for you so you can spend more time painting and less time wondering if your paint is thin enough. Just dip your brush into our Water+ (Or other thinner) and mix it into the paint to give you the perfect consistency every time. It’s also airbrush ready as well so you can just add the paint and pull the trigger, nothing else required*

But Alpha is not just designed to be the ultimate paint, by thinning down further you can transition them to a contrast style paint, a glaze or even a wash. By adding Matte+ from our Provectus line you can turn them into fantastic drybrush paint and combining Varnish+ with Matte+ will give you a durable brush on primer. Using our Extender+ with Alpha will give you a similar effect to a wet palette on a dry palette as well as allowing you to paint even when the temperature get’s too hot for normal paints

This gives you the ultimate tool to create anything you want to get your miniatures looking amazing!

All the “Pure” colours are designed to be mixed together easily and allows you to create over two billion colour combinations, but can be used alone in their own right, for example Pure Oxide Black made as a contrast style paint makes for a great oil wash on metallics.

Did we mention they’re freezable too? Just let them defrost for a day and the paint will revert back to its normal state, no more cold weather shipping worries!