INSTAR was launched in 2017 as a rival to the major brands in the miniature painting world but improving upon existing recipes by providing a smoother and slightly thinner paint than what was currently available at the time. In 2019 INSTAR upped the game by launching their new flagship range ALPHA, a one of a kind miniature paint that not only promoted excellent results with it's highly unique viscosity eliminating the need to manually thin paints, but the versatility of the paint to become washes and drybrushing paints when coupled with the PROVECTUS line of additives and modifiers with no loss in quality of the paint is a complete game changer, severely reducing the amount of paints that are needed in your collection.

In late 2020 it was decided to move the range to a single pigment variety. While the plan had been in place since early 2020, plans had been made to make the whole range easily accessible to those with no knowledge of colour theory or colour mixing by providing pre made recipes that could be made just from the simple, same size drops that the unique bottle designed allowed.

This makes INSTAR stand out from the rest of the crowd by boasting the smallest, yet largest paint set in the world and becoming a trusted name in Colour Science specifically for miniature painting.

As of the time of writing this, INSTAR had already surpassed 700 unique colours variations with 2021 being the year where the miniature world would explode with colour with an ever growing paint mixing catalogue.