Conversion Calculation

Made a colour you like or found one in the formula database and want more of it on a long term basis?

Use the dropper recipe from the swatch card (or your notebook entry/scrap piece of paper) to convert the recipe into millilitres using this simple conversion calculation

Add together all the drops from your recipe


Pure White - 4

Pure Yellow - 2

Pure Purple - 1

Gives a total of 7 drops


Choose the size of the bottle you want to fill, in this case we want a 10ml bottle then simply do

Size of Bottle / Total number of drops

10/7 = 1.428


This gives you a millilitre per drop ratio, then simple take that figure and multiply it by the amount of drops of each colour (round to two numbers after the decimal point)


Pure White - 4 x 1.428 = 5.71 ml

Pure Yellow - 2 x 1.428 = 2.86 ml

Pure Purple - 1 x 1.428 = 1.43 ml

Gives a total of 10ml


Then write this down on your Swatch card, Notebook or scrap paper and use our mixing system to recreate the colour in bulk!