Citadel Colours Cross Reference

Use this cross reference page to find the matching recipe to your Citadel Colour. Just click on the Bold colour recipe to be taken straight to it.

8th Edition

ICC-7 - Agrax Earthshade
ICC-15 - Baneblade Brown
ICC-3 - Caliban Green
ICC-14 - Celestra Grey
ICC-6 - Dark Reaper
ICC-10 - Flash Gitz Yellow
ICC-11 - Jokaero Orange
ICC-4 - Lamenters Yellow
ICC-2 - McCragge Blue
ICC-8 - Mephiston Red
ICC-9 - Rhinox Hide
ICC-1 - Tau Light Ochre

7th Edition

6th Edition

5th Edition

4th Edition

3rd Edition

2nd Edition

ICC-12 - Deadly Nightshade
ICC-13 - Firey Orange

1st Edition/Rogue Trader