Tested to the extreme, Extender+ is not just another acrylic retarder agent, Extender+ goes much further.
Thinner, Retarder and Medium all in one convenient package, Extender+ brings acrylic paints closer than ever to mimicking oil paints as well as being easy to mix into your paints, allowing you to wet blend with absolute ease keeping your paints workable for over 45 minutes on a dry palette allowing to get seamless blends between colours. When used in conjunction with a wet palette, that time is almost doubled.

Not only this, but Extender+ also keeps your paints workable even in the most extreme painting conditions keeping paint usable in temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius / 77 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 25 minutes before drying completely allowing you to continue painting for longer, even at a peak of 34 degrees in our painting office, the paint lasted longer then we did!

We recommend a 5:1 ratio of Paint:Extender+ as a good baseline to work from, additional Extender+ will cause the paint to become more transparent, but will keep it workable for longer.

No excuses to paint 365 days a year, Extender+ should be a staple in your paint collection.

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