No it's not an early April Fool's joke like War-tar, this is the real deal!

INSTAR Water+ is a unique creation and only available through INSTAR and a revolution in the model and miniature painting world.

Unlike typical mediums such as distilled water for thinning paints, Water+ is a modification to pure distilled water and acts differently by crosslinking the pigment particles in the liquid, evenly distributing them compared to typical water based mediums which attract pigment particles to the edges of the water leaving unsightly tide marks.

This allows for much smoother coats per brush stroke since the pigment is evenly dispersed throughout the head of the brush and leaves the brush in an even manner in comparison to other mediums which retain most of the pigment in the brush head until the end of the brush stroke where the pigment concentration will be higher.

Using Water+ is no different from the way you use other mediums, just mix into paint to the consistency you require and Water+ will do the rest, It can also be used with wet palettes too (performance will be reduced slightly due to an increase in dilution)

Water+ will be available in sizes from 5ml to 100ml.

Water+ is also non-toxic