Colour match to Citadel (Games Workshop) Colour “Tau Light Ochre” using the Alpha system. Colour swatches are not 100% guaranteed due to differences in Citadel and Alpha paint formulations and pigment providers, but are at least 99% accurate to the point where the difference is indistinguishable.

While we make every effort to ensure the colour match is as accurate as possible, Citadel Colours are subject to batch discrepancies where the colour may change unexpectedly during a production run, this is something we have no control over and we only work with the colour batches we have.  If there are any major errors though, please email us with an improvement to the recipe or if the recipe is incorrect where we will then check it against the batches we have. Recipes are subject to change without warning.

Dropper Recipe

Pure Oxide Yellow – 8
Pure White – 2
Pure Brown – 1
Pure Oxide Red – 1

Bottle Recipes


Pure Oxide Yellow – 3.33ml
Pure White – 0.83ml
Pure Brown – 0.42ml
Pure Oxide Red – 0.42ml


Pure Oxide Yellow – 6.67ml
Pure White – 1.67ml
Pure Brown – 0.83ml
Pure Oxide Red – 0.83ml


Pure Oxide Yellow – 13.33ml
Pure White – 3.33ml
Pure Brown – 1.67ml
Pure Oxide Red – 1.67ml


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