5023 – Distant Blue

Recipes in millilitres to reproduce this colour from the RAL colour system using the Alpha range

(Amounts may be +/- 1% of fill amount due to rounding to 2 significant places)


Pure Blue – 0.68

Pure Oxide Red – 0.23

Pure Purple – 0.82

Pure White – 3.27



Pure Blue – 1.37

Pure Oxide Red – 0.46

Pure Purple – 1.64

Pure White – 6.53



Pure Blue – 2.74

Pure Oxide Red – 0.92

Pure Purple – 3.27

Pure White – 13.07


This swatch is designed to provide reliable colour guidance and illustration of colours.
All information used has been obtained from publicly available colour standards materials. Whilst reproducing this colour it is clearly accepted by all users that no responsibility for the colour representation on screen can be attributed in any way to the colour standard issuing authority. Because of the nature of manufacturing processes, the drying performance and publication method may cause the final colour, once applied to differ and not match the sample shown on the screen. If colour accuracy is absolutely imperative, please check that the final colour will match your expectations and work within your tolerances.
The colour samples are checked for accuracy during the production process only for the swatches on this site. No other body or institution has any involvement or can be held responsible for the replication of colour samples illustrated on this site. No responsibility is accepted by the manufacturer or provider of this swatch for any error in display or appearance of colour howsoever caused.

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