Bundle Packs

Our bundle packs have finally returned and in a brand new format!

Instead of a select set of colours to focus on a certain area or period, we offer the ability to create any colour of your choice giving you much more freedom than usual and allowing you to create a paint set that's unique to you and your style.

The "Discovery" packs are a great introduction to the INSTAR range and come with customised colour wheels that are specifically made for each pack using the colours within in.

Unlike normal colour wheels, ours show you with a high degree of accuracy what your final colour should look like when the colours are combined. While colour wheels are certainly a useful tool to have, ours go that much further, They can be used as is, or as an advanced reference guide when painting

The Mixing Kit is the crown jewel in our line up, containing everything you need to create to create over 2.2 billion colours, but don't panic if you've never mixed colours before, our mixing guides take the stress out of it by providing simple to follow recipes to recreate colours.