Our unique and spill-proof washes are unrivalled in the market and present a better alternative to the major brands. This isn’t simply ultra thinned paint or pigment, this is a unique formulation only available through INSTAR and leaves a nice matte finish while finding it’s way into every recess and detail on a model, plus if you accidentally knock the bottle over there are no panics, no clean up operations to be mounted, all the liquid stays within the bottle!*

We provide our washes in two forms, Heavy and Soft.

The Heavy version is a high pigmentation wash (Higher than other brands) designed for one pass only on a model for ultimate coverage, deep shading and bringing out all the details on a model.

The Soft version is a lower pigment version designed for providing subtle shading on lighter models or used in conjunction with the heavy wash to reduce highlighting so it stays in line with the shading on the model.

Also, if you wish to thin down our washes, all you need is water, no flow aid required!

*Tested from a height of 1 metre, a tiny amount of spillage may occur if dropped from higher heights or lands awkwardly